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Ken Watanabe Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Ken Watanabe Fans

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[18 Dec 2010|05:50am]

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[29 Mar 2007|02:23pm]

[ mood | relaxed ]

I guess it's about time I post something here :-)

I finally saw The Last Samurai!   I know, I know.  I'm extremely late in seeing, but this was somehow just the first chance I had to see it.  Everytime I've gone to rent it, it's always been checked out.  And for good reasong too!  It was a great movie.  Ken was of course the best part, but Tom Cruise wasn't completely unbearable!  I might have to watch it again before I have to take it back ;)

Anyways.  I made some icons.  Just wanted to stop by and share them.

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Ken Watanabe colorbar! [23 Jan 2007|02:31pm]

Hi, I'm new to this community! The Last Samurai and Memoirs of the Geisha made me get into the Ken Watanabe fandom, so I'm glad to be here!

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I am with you now too [29 Dec 2006|04:29pm]

Привет, теперь и я с вами!

I join you with the great pleasure and with reat admiration of this actor and with my bad English. :)

And I hope, that you will accept me in the numbers of your community
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American Express Ads [01 May 2006|01:40am]

[ mood | curious ]

Hi! I just joined and here's a little gift:

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[22 Apr 2006|01:00am]

[ mood | good ]

Hey guys,

I found this site whilst browsing around for Ken Watanabe info. It's a nice little bio if you don't know much about the man himself, and the site has some nice pictures.

The link is -


6'2? *swoon*

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[21 Apr 2006|07:51pm]

hi! i just wanted to say how happy i was when i found out ken watanabe was the chairman in memoirs of a geisha!! <3 what an amazing man *drool*
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Space Travelers! [19 Apr 2006|11:24am]


I really want to see that film! Ken Watanabe, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Masanobu Ando, all in one film! *drools* Shame it's only on Region 3 though...
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[18 Apr 2006|12:49am]

Hey :) I just joined. Ken Watanabe is soooo good in The Last Samurai!

Hooray for this community!
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[17 Apr 2006|11:40pm]


Hi, I'm Jenny. We need to pimp this community guys! Ken deserves legend status!!
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newbie with icons [14 Apr 2006|09:19pm]

hey everyone *waves* i'm new to the community...am glad to know there's some fans here on LJ who are fans of Ken Watanabe ^^...anyways, i made some icons that i wanted to share with all of you from some magazine pics i found...


(11 KW icons amongst others)

please don't hotlink. please comment. credit if used. enjoy!
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[27 Dec 2005|02:08am]

[ mood | good ]

First post!

I was very surprised and disapointed to see there wasn't a community for Ken Watanabe when I searched on Livejournal. I've loved him since first seeing him in The Last Samurai, and was delighted to see him cast as The Chairman in the Memoirs of a Geisha movie.

I made this community so fans could share images, graphics, news and icons of the man himself. I imagine it will take a while to pick up, but for now Welcome to any new members! And here are some pics I found under the cut. For full size, click on the images. :3

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