caffeine energizes my life (caffeinatedlife) wrote in ken_watanabe,
caffeine energizes my life

newbie with icons

hey everyone *waves* i'm new to the glad to know there's some fans here on LJ who are fans of Ken Watanabe ^^...anyways, i made some icons that i wanted to share with all of you from some magazine pics i found...


(11 KW icons amongst others)

please don't hotlink. please comment. credit if used. enjoy!
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Welcome! I think that makes 6 of us now. I'm surprised this comm is not that active.
thanks for the welcome! awww, we must spread the Watanabe-love around the LJ, LOL ^^
So cute! #23 is gorgeous :)
I second that! So cute indeed :D
his pics from that particular photoshoot were just adorable...the range of emotions...very cute indeed ^^
hehe, thanks ^^